Corporate Training

Dysenio provides Corporate Training services focused on emerging technologies and tailored to the specificities of each Client and industry. 


    Why is Dysenio a solid Training Partner?

  • Sector-specific/Company-specific. Dysenio does not just provide tech-based training. We first analyse your industry, current state of tech implementations and upcoming tech trends. Then we tailored our Training to your industry, business needs and resource profile.


  • Culture. One of the most important factors when transferring knowledge to human resources is the cultural barrier. Dysenio is a European Company with international mindset, European standards and European education quality. We understand what a solid Training means to you. And we understand when a resource is properly trained. We also understand the expectations and common issues that your resources can face during the Training process, so no worries, you are in good hands.

  • Local Resources. Given that our Dysenio Training resources are located in Europe, there are not big issues either regarding time zone and schedule availability.


  • Dysenio Training Validation program.We have designed our own techniques (no exams, no worries! 🙂 ) to validate that your resources have actually absorbed the training provided.

  • Resource tracking. We keep track of the Training evolution of your resources, so that next time you decide to train with us, we can evaluate and optimise the time by focusing on training gaps.


How do we train?

As part of our Training design program, we are focus extensively into the following points:

  • Resource hyper-targeting.

  • Content hyper-targeting.

  • Custom content design and development.

  • Learning techniques tailored to resource profiles.

  • Impactful content delivery.

  • Knowledge transfer validation.

  • Hypercare training period.


Our Training Architecture

We have designed and developed our own Training architecture and process flow. We guarantee that your human resources will be successfully trained to assimilate new concepts and understand new technology implementations.

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Solutions Implementation Training

At Dysenio, we are specially careful with our Training Programs for implemented solutions. We can design many ‘cool’ solutions for a Company, but if human resources are not properly trained and motivated, there will be little room for real business improvement. Corporate human resources need to accept, understand, assimilate, be motivated by and ‘breath’ technology and business changes. The further we reach through these stages, the easier will be for the Company to leverage all the benefits of new technologies or implementations.

Training is an extremely important part in the success of a Dysenio solution. In fact, we consider Training your resources an inherent part of our Solutions design and development.

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Are you in Tech-laggard Sector?. Or maybe a laggard in the Sector?

In case you find yourself in any of these two scenarios, there is a clear opportunity to train your resources, understand new technologies and create competitive advantages to outpace competitors.