Tracking List App / Social Work

Etat de lieu

We design and configured an iOS Application for a new Association founded in Geneva. The App is focused on tracking changes for real states assets and register changes and confirmations from renters as well as real state agencies.

Nutrition App / Healthy Work

Nutri App

We design and configured an iOS Application for an Association of Nutritionists. The App is focused on tracking ingredients, products and lunch habits of people in different societies.

Group Sharing App / Social Work

Ma Chambre

We design our own iOS Application focused on helping people to search for and offer their room spaces. The App has also a rating functionality to let people evaluate spaces as well as opinions on guests or renters.

Taxi App / Transport Work

Taxi Child

We designed and configured a tech solution based on iOS and AI for taxis specialised in carrying children, elderly and handicapped people. The solutions let taxi drivers increase security and safety protocols to manage this customer segment with special needs.

Training / Training Work

Corporate Training

We have provided different Corporate Trainings to Organizations interested in Machine Learning and Neural Networks, Cloud Computing Services and the Internet of Things.