Our Services

Dysenio is a boutique organisation focused on technology solutions design and business strategy. In a nutshell, this is the process we follow when designing a new solution for you:

  • We understand the main drivers in your market.

  • We understand your brand and competitive advantages. We discuss together potential new capabilities to be developed.

  • It’s time for Art and Science. We DESIGN a Solution to build your new differentiator.

  • We implement your Solution.

Simple, and powerful.


The Services that we offer are all based on a common premise: Value through Design.

Solution Design

We analyse your business gaps, define technology enablers and design solutions to create new competitive advantages. Your business will be more efficient, effective and/or productive.


Training is key when trying to implement any digital transformation. Human resources need to align with new business/tech processes. Dysenio’s Training design program outperforms competitors in knowledge transfer.


In case you are already involved in a digital transformation process or you are thinking of how to implement new solutions, we can help you hit the right targets by walking the right paths.