About Us

Dysenio is a startup Company developed by entrepreneur engineers with great passion for business and technology. After several years of international experience in technology and business all around the world, we decided it was time to try our own methodology and do things a little differently.

Sometimes it is difficult to move ahead and make business decisions when technology comes into place and there are no guarantees of success on real business impact. On the other hand, becoming a pioneer and implement new business capabilities based on latest technologies may very well help you differentiate from competitors and leverage the benefits of becoming the first player to hit twice. 


Dysenio develops solutions that provide a real business impact based on the last technologies in the market. We don’t think that a one-size-fits-all solution can offer a real competitive advantage. We need to DESIGN and create something just for You. We need to make you ‘really’ different from other players. 

Dysenio is not about deliverables and deadlines. Dysenio is about purpose, goals and quality results. 

Why Dysenio

Solution-Focus. Dysenio has been conceived not as a Consulting Company, but as a Solutions Company. We don’t just gather requirements to assess or configure ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions. We DESIGN solutions Only for You.


Unique knowledge mix. We have highly specialised resources able to analyse, understand, design and develop solutions by combining a mix of different technologies. In a nutshell, we have two main roles which combine their work to deliver best-in-class solutions:

  • Visionaries: Specialised in understanding business industries, they also have a fairly advance knowledge in the most well-known technologies. They analyse businesses, identify business gaps and design solutions to generate competitive advantages.

  • Tech Experts: Each mind is specialised in a specific tech area. They talk to Visionaries, segment, build and develop the technical solution.

Boutique philosophy. We focus on quality, not quantity. We compromise on results and do not undertake Projects if we cannot deliver the highest quality and dedicate the time requested by our Clients. We focus on You with exclusive time slots all along each Project phase.


Great Flexibility. Dysenio is simple for people who need simple solutions. Dysenio is complex for people who need to understand scenarios and develop capabilities based on different technologies. We can deliver from very simple solutions such as a Website, to complex solutions such as a mix of IoT, Cloud, AI and Apps altogether.

Integral Perspective. We design solution architectures that combine the best-in-class of the tech landscape. You don’t need to think whether or not you are skipping one or more technologies or its potential to your business, we take care so that it does not happen.


We love business people. We are not techy guys building a tech Company. We love business people mindset and we love using technology as a business value enabler. We don’t just offer a mix of technologies, we offer a mixed mindset!! 😉

Innovation as part of our DNA. Innovation in technology pushes innovation in business. Business models change constantly with technology. At Dysenio, we thrive to master the game and contribute with our ‘grain of sand’ every time we create and deliver.


Technology Sustainable. Dysenio follows and educates its resources based on the Gartner’s Technology Hypecycle. Dysenio is always evolving as a technology partner along with the upcoming technologies, providing you with tangible, robust and sustainable solutions in the long-term. 

Technology Responsible. At Dysenio we believe in technology that provides value to Society. We will never support projects violating data privacy rules, data sharing rules, unfair digital marketing or unfair AI algorithms programming, among others.

Our Services

Solution Design

We analyse your business gaps, define technology enablers and design solutions to create new competitive advantages. Your business will be more efficient, effective and/or productive.


Training is key when trying to implement any digital transformation. Human resources need to align with new business/tech processes. Dysenio’s Training design program outperforms competitors in knowledge transfer.


In case you are already involved in a digital transformation process or you are thinking of how to implement new solutions, we can help you hit the right targets by walking the right paths.